Book Trailer of the Week: The Vampire Stalker

Hi there!
I’m back with this week’s Book Trailer of the Week!  Every week (eehhmm…almost every week…) I like to place the spotlight on book trailers because I think they’re awesome.  I use them at my school all the time and they’re a great way to promote books!

This week I’m featuring the book trailer for a book that has been incredibly popular with the students in my school, The Vampire Stalker by Allison Van Diepen.  You may remember that I reviewed the book last year, but I also really like the book trailer and think it captures the viewer’s attention well.

The Vampire Stalker by Allison Van DiepenTeenager Amy has a major book crush on a fictional guy; Alexander Banks, the gorgeous vampire hunter in the wildly popular Otherworld trilogy. Her love is so deep that she even writes fan-fiction about Alexander.  Even her screen name,  “MrsAlexanderBanks8021″ is an homage to her obsession!  Amy pretty much spends much of her time wishing and dreaming that Alexander Banks was a real person.

Then late one night, as Amy is walking home alone she is saved from a violent attack by a boy who looks strangely like Alexander Banks.  Amy soon realizes that he is in fact the real Alexander Banks; her love from the books and he needs her help!  The evil and unstoppable vampire Vigo has mysteriously entered Amy’s world and Alexander is determined to stop him from destroying Chicago like he has done to Otherworld.  Together, Amy and Alexander must track Vigo and figure out how and why Alexander crossed over into her world and time.  After chemistry seems to spark between her and Alexander, Amy questions whether or not she even wants him to return to the world of fiction.

So, what’d ya think? Did the book trailer do it’s job and make you crave the book?