20111130-194450.jpgToday, at a Media Specialist meeting, a friend loaned me a copy of Matched by Allie Condie! Yay! I can finally read it and remove it from my list of books everyone has read but me!
I’d been holding off buying it for my media center because sometimes I forget that I work in a middle school and that I can’t fill my shelves with ONLY YA and stuff I like; I need to save some space for those middle grades titles too. But I’m going to do some weeding soon, so that will open some space up for books like this one!

In other news I finally got some more books in the Drama High series by L. Divine. Ever since I bought four of them in the Border’s Liquidation sale my kids have been begging for more in the series. So I picked up eight more today. My only complain is that they’re not published in hardcover; my kids will tear these up literally and figuratively !


Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Urban Fiction Titles

I work with awesome kids.  They’re creative, smart, hilarious (sometimes unintentionally so), and just generally good kids.  And just like me, they want to read books with characters they can relate to.  Because our school has really been promoting reading (more so than in the past) over the past two years, I’m having to work hard at keeping current with their reading desires.  What do a lot of my kids want?  Realistic books with characters who look and sound like they do.  What are some of the books they’re devouring and begging me to buy?

The Drama High series by L. Divine

The Bluford High series by various authors

The Good Girlz series by Reshonda Tate Billingsley

Adios to All the Drama by Diana Rodriguez Wallach

The So For Real series by Nikki Carter

At the Crossroads  by Travis Hunter

The Kimani Tru series by various authors

The Perry Sky series by Stephanie Perry Moore

The Hazelwood Trilogy by Sharon Draper

The Jericho Trilogy by Sharon Draper