I Even Funnier Giveaway Winner Announcement


You’ll remember my giveaway post for James Pattersons’ I Funny and I Even Funnier books? Yeah that was all the way back in late December! OOPS!  I’m just now getting around to announcing the winner officially.  Sorry about that guys…sometimes life just gets in the way.

Well, let’s get to it! The winner of the giveaway was:

Lonni G. from San Jose, CA!!!

I Danss

Yay! I was so excited to be able to send Lonni her bookish winnings! And I hope that Lonni did her happy dance when she got her package in the mail! Yes, even though I kept forgetting to post the winner announcement, I did already send the books to her.  I hope she enjoys them and gets to share them with some awesome teen readers!

Thank you again to everyone who participated in this giveaway and a very special  thank you to the awesome people at Little, Brown Books for making this giveaway possible!


Winner Announcement: The Boy Project ARC Giveaway


It’s time to announce the winner of The Boy Project ARC and prize pack giveaway!  So again, lets review the prizes!

Ohhhh! Ahhhh!

So, let me just say that my free wordpress.com account does not allow cool giveaway widgets like rafflecopter, so being the librarian that I am, I ran this giveaway the old fashion way.

I wrote the names of everyone who commented on the giveaway post on little pieces of paper and placed those slips into a bowl (a pretty Fiesta Ware bowl mind you!).

Then, in keeping with my technological ways, I asked my husband to choose a name out of the bowl.  (He insisted the plastic cheetah must be a part of the event).

And the name he chose from the pretty FiestaWare raffle bowl was……..

Congratulations Tris Dale!  You have just won yourself an ARC of The Boy Project by Kami Kinard and a fun prize pack of bookmarks, bracelets and tattoos!  All I need from you is to email me  your mailing address at  tinalina(at)gmail(dot)com within the next 48 hours and I will ship your winnings to you right away!

Thanks to everyone who entered!  My first giveaway was fun and I will definitely be hosting another one in the near future!

Also, lets give a huge thank you to author Kami Kinard for writing such a fun book and for donating all the prize pack paraphernalia!  Don’t forget to check out her website for more information on new debut novel, The Boy Project!