Geocaching Adventures: Hide and Seek by Katy Grant

Well hello again!

Hide and Seek by Katy Grant is the eighth of the fifteen Florida Sunshine State Books  I’ve read this summer.

Hide and Seek by Katy GrantAfter a summer cooped up in his family’s store selling bait, tackle, and soft drinks to tourists, Chase is excited to be on his own for the day. He’s cycling into the foothills of the White Mountains of Arizona, looking forward to his first solo geocaching adventure.

Using his GPS, he uncovers the geocache – a small metal box – hidden in the woods. Inside, along with a few plastic army men and a log book, is a puzzling message.  WE NE. 

When Chase returns later to the geocache, he finds another message. WE NEED FOOD.

Who are the mysterious individuals leaving the messages? Are they hopelessly lost? Or hiding from something-or someone? Is this an opportunity to be a hero, or is Chase in way over his head?

I don’t think there are many middle grades books out there that make geo-caching a central theme, so this was a fun new thing for me.  I’ve done some letter boxing in the past, which is similar to geo-caching without the GPS.  I’m actually pretty intrigued with geo-caching now, and would like to try it out sometime! Hopefully Hide and Seek will also inspire some of my students to do the same!

I really did enjoy the story, but although the beginning was creepy at times and the ending was fast paced and intense, most of the middle was just so-so.  It seemed that this part of the book was pretty slow and that some of it could have been cut out.  Now, don’t get me wrong I still enjoyed this story as a whole, I just really wonder how my students will like it, especially when the middle section drags a bit.

If you’re a middle schooler who enjoys the great outdoors and adventure, Hide and Seek may be the book for you. If you’re a social studies teacher, I really believe you could use Hide and Seek and geocaching to tie into a unit on latitude and longitude.

Author: Katy Grant

Publisher: Peachtree Publishers (September 1, 2012)

Format: Hardcover

Length: 240 pages

Series: Standalone


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