Review Policy

          I’m interested in all sub-genres of Young Adult and Middle Grades fiction although  I personally prefer: paranormal, dystopian, historical fiction, sci-fi and contemporary/romance.  But, like I mentioned before, I am interested in any YA/Middle Grades fiction.
          My reviews include a summary of the novel*, the cover art, publication information and my honest thoughts of the book; usually things that stuck out to me.  I have started to provide links to the author’s site as well.
          Because the purpose of my blog is to help readers figure out if they would like a specific book or not, I try to find the positive in everything I review.  Just because I didn’t like a particular book, doesn’t mean it’s all bad.  I try to constructively share both the good and the bad, taking differences in reading preference into consideration. I am currently only reviewing fiction titles.
          Because I’m a middle school Media Specialist, I’m reading both newer titles and previously published ones, to provide a wide range of recommendations.   If I receive an ARC, I try to post the review as close to the publication date as possible. However, I cannot promise to post a review on every book I receive.  I am not accepting self-published books at this time.
          I am currently an affiliate with Amazon.
          If you think I might be interested in your book, please email me at tinalina(at)gmail(dot)com.
*Summaries are taken from,, or the jacketflap.

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