Reading Queue: July & New Things

The Reading QueueHiya!

Well, as of July 1, I officially live in the United Kingdom! What!?

As you can imagine life has been full of boxes, trips to Ikea, and basically setting up house hence no Reading Queue post until today! Jessica over at Books a True Story and I have been talking a little about the Reading Queue and how we can improve it. She came up with the pretty cool idea of moving the meme to Instagram instead of doing a monthly post with linkup. Our main reasoning is to make it possible for more people to participate in the Reading Queue each month, so we’re going to try it out!

If you’re interested in joining, just use the hashtag #readingqueue with the books you are planning to read! It can be books you’re planning to read for the day, the month, the year – whatever :). Honestly, I might still post a monthly Reading Queue here on BookTasty, but there won’t be a linky.

It’s been about two years since Jessica and I had the idea to start Reading Queue, which I almost can’t believe! We’ve had a lot of fun and read a lot of books during that time! It’s been awesome to have an online book friend to bounce ideas off of and talk books with. I’m looking forward to seeing where our friendship and Instagram Reading Queue go in the future!

Also, thank you so much to all the other awesome bloggers who have supported and participated in the Reading Queue in the past! It’s been fun to connect with you guys through this meme! If you’re into it, keep on posting your monthly Reading Queue, but please also join us on Instagram!

I’ve posted my ReadingQueue for July on Instagram so come check it out! IMG_4623Be sure to follow me on Instagram and tag both Jessica and me if you want to participate with us – we want to know what you’re reading!


2 thoughts on “Reading Queue: July & New Things

  1. I love the idea of moving it to instagram! I will definitely try to participate :)

    Also, I still can’t believe you guys moved to the UK!!!! Maybe I need to visit to see if it’s really true ;)

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