Waiting on Wednesday: All Four Stars

Welcome back friends!

I am a middle school librarian, but reading YA is my fave.  So, sometimes I have to remind myself to read some middle grades books. It’s not that I don’t enjoy middle grades fiction, I do, I’m just naturally drawn to YA more. Well, when I heard about Tara Dairman’s All Four Stars I didn’t have to remind myself to read middle grades, I really wanted to read it! All Four Stars by Tara Dairman

Gladys Gatsby has dreamed of becoming a restaurant critic for New York’s biggest newspaper–she just didn’t expect to be assigned her first review at age 11. Now, if she wants to meet her deadline and hang on to her dream job, she’ll have to defy her fast-food-loving parents, cook her way into the heart of her sixth-grade archenemy, and battle Manhattan’s meanest maitre d’.

Isn’t that the most adorable cover?! I love it! All Four Stars sounds like such a unique middle grade read too, I mean it’s not often you see a middle grade’s character writing foodie reviews. I have some foodie students who would totally be into this one!

All Four Stars will be released on July 10!

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