Quick Pic: Summer Lounging


One of the first things we did upon moving to Columbia a week ago was to join a gym. It’s a must for us. My old gym membership had expired about two months before we moved so it had been a while since I took a group exercise class. Well, I did a BodyPump class yesterday and boy did my muscles take a beating! I am so sore! It’s that kind of sore where you don’t sit in seats, you fall into them. So, I’ve been doing pretty much nothing but lounging all day today, which includes reading The Lions of Little Rock by Kristin Levine. It’s a quick read so far!

Yay for sore muscles giving me an excuse to sit on my butt and do nothing but enjoy a good book!

4 thoughts on “Quick Pic: Summer Lounging

  1. I’m glad the book’s working out for you, I haven’t read this one. :-) I have to say the house opposite you looks so cute! Glad you found a gym you like after the move. It’s always stressful settling into a new place.

    • Oh yes! The settling in after a move is challenging sometimes- finding a gym, a vet, a doctor, a hair sytlist! So many NEW things to find. But yes the house across the street is cute, although it is split up into a small apartment on one side and the other side plus the upstairs is another. :) Thanks for visiting today!

  2. Finding new things is the worst! I’m glad you managed to find a gym you like, even though the workout kicked your butt! Luckily you have a peaceful place to relax with a book – always a win!

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