The Reading Queue: June

the-reading-queueHi there and welcome back to Book Tasty!

It’s time for the Reading Queue!

Reading Queue is a monthly meme where you share what books you plan to read for the month. You can hop to other blogs and see what others are reading and maybe find someone reading the same thing as you! Or you can ask for people to vote on what you should read next if you can’t decide. Reading Queue is hosted by Book Tasty (hi!) and Books: A true story.

The premise of Reading Queue is to provide a monthly recap of what we’ve read the previous month and create a list of what we’re planning to read in the coming month. It seems like there are bloggers doing both separately so we thought it’d be fun and helpful to combine the two together. Our main goal with Reading Queue is simply to talk with other bloggers about books! It’d be really cool to know who has plans to read the same book as you during the same month. Maybe it’ll even be helpful in providing reading recommendations! The focus of this meme is what you are planning to read, but if you already do a monthly recap post that has things in addition to what you are reading, feel free to join us! Please feel free to contact me in the comments if you’d like to join and/or if you have questions!

My Reading Queue

Just so you know, I have high hopes for this month because it’s June! Although, these high hopes may totally backfire on me because we’re moving in early July and I’ll be packing this month….high hopes!!!

Belle Epoque by Elizabeth RossBelle Epoque by Elizabeth Ross

I didn’t get to read this one in May so I’m trying again!

Silence by Becca FitzpatrickSilence by Becca Fitzpatrick

Again, didn’t get to this one in May…high hopes!

Finnikin of the Rock by Melina MarchettaFinnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta

I started this audiobook in May, but the bulk of it will be finished in June.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae CarsonThe Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

I own this one and have been crushing on the pretty cover forever. Plus I hear great things about it!

Legend by Marie LuWonder by RJ Palacio

Legend by Marie Lu

Wonder by RJ Palacio

One for the Murphys by Linda Mullaly Hunt The False Prince by Jennifer A Nielsen

One for the Murphys by Linda Mullaly Hunt

The False Prince by Jennifer A. Neilsen

These four are all on Florida’s Grade 6-8 Sunshine State Book List for 2013-2014, so even though I’ll be moving to South Carolina I still want to read them.

How I Did Last Month

Okay, so I read four books in May…better than April, but not great.

Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt

Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt

This one was fabulous and a review will be coming soon.

Torn by Amanda Hocking Ascend by Amanda Hocking

Torn by Amanda Hocking

Ascend by Amanda Hocking

These were fun but I liked the first book, Switched, best.

The Art of Wishing by Lindsay RibarThe Art of Wishing by Lindsay Ribar

I actually Did Not Finish (DNF) this one, even though I got like 70% through it.

There you have it! What are you reading this month? Have you read any of these books? Which of the titles in my Reading Queue should I read first?

If you’re interested in joining up, please add your Reading Queue post to the linky below!

8 thoughts on “The Reading Queue: June

  1. Wonder is so so good! And a pretty quick read. I’d recommend that one. But I haven’t read any of the others. I’ve heard great things about The Girl of Fire and Thorns as well (which is why I bought it about a millions years ago) but I haven’t read it either. I hope you love it. Good luck with your reading and your packing! :-)

  2. First off, moving sucks! It seems like packing never ends…good luck with moving. :)

    I have Girl of Fire and Thorns sitting on my shelf too! If I get through my 1000 page book I could read it with you. I have high hopes too!

    And the False Prince was so so good!

    Hey I consider 4 books a month to be good. :)

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