Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Thought I’d Like More Than I Did

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Welcome back to BookTasty for another edition of Top Ten Tuesday! This weekly event is hosted by The Broke and Bookish and let’s us book lovers have some fun with bookish lists!

This week the theme has to do with expectations while reading. Sometimes I finish reading a book and am left surprised by how much I enjoyed it. This is always an awesome feeling! It’s like being delivered flowers at work! And then sometimes you think you’re really going to love a certain book and in the end you just weren’t impressed. Both happen to me, but today I’m focusing on the latter, books that I thought I’d like more than I did.

NOTE: I DO NOT HATE these books. I just didn’t enjoy them as much as I thought I would.

So here we go!

Cinders and Sapphires by Leila Rasheed

Cinders & Sapphires by Leila Rasheed

I thought surely I’d love this period piece…nope.

Drama by Raina TelgemeierDrama by Raina Telegemier

I wanted to LOVE this one so bad, but I only liked it.

Reached by Ally CondieReached by Ally Condie

I was left underwhelmed.

Daughter of Smoke nd Bone by Lani TaylorDaughter of Smoke and Bone by Lani Taylor

Really enjoyed the first half then *BOOM* not so much the second part.

My Fair Godmother by Janette RallisonMy Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison

So much potential, but I felt like it went too long.

Beastly by Alex FlinnBeastly by Alex Flinn

Was unimpressed with the characters.

Lightning Thief by Rick RiordanThe Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

My husband LOVED these books but I couldn’t get into them.

The Vampire Stalker by Allison Van DiepenVampire Stalker by Allison van Diepen

My students LOVE this book but it was “meh” to me.

Vixen by Jillian LarkinVixen by Jillian Larkin

I love the 1920s = I will love this book! Not exactly….

Tunnels by Roderick GordonTunnels by Roderick Gordon & Brian Williams

I was kind of bored and wondering when it’d end. Which is sad because I’d heard good things.

So there you have it! I went into reading all ten of these books hoping and wanting to LOVE them, but in the end I was disappointed. Have you read any of these titles? If so, how’d you feel about them? What books did you want to love but just couldn’t?

14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Thought I’d Like More Than I Did

  1. I’ve read Percy Jackson which I absolutely loved, but I have to agree with you on Daughter of Smoke & Bone. It just turned really weird later on, definitely one of the standouts though.

  2. I’ve only read The Lightning Thief and Beastly. I actually quite liked both of them I can’t say either of them are my favorites of all time, but I thought they were fun. Sorry you weren’t in love with them.

    • I wasn’t in love with them…but I know so many people who LOVED them both so I appreciate them…and I recommend them to students who I think would enjoy them. :) I kinda wish I could have enjoyed them more…maybe its a “not you its me” thing?

  3. I absolutely loved Percy Jackson… but can understand people not liking it. Daughter of Smoke and Bone… I was blown away by it, but did manage to get a little weirded out during the second half. Reached was… well… okay it was boring as all get out. Glad I finished the series, but won’t be recing it to anyone!

  4. Yep, Beastly was a let down – but still better than the boring movie version. Cinders & Sapphires sounds like one of the rash of YA books that publishers have been putting out in an effort to cash in on Downton Abbey (in my cynical opinion).

  5. I had a hard time getting into the whole Percy Jackson thing. I felt like he was kind of a know-it-all, and didn’t really connect with him. Same sort of deal with Beastly? I know he’s the beast, and he has to learn to be loveable, but eee… I wasn’t quite sold on him. I thought the chat room support group was kind of cute, though.

    I did like Daughter of Smoke and Bone, actually. I think I really bought in to the story world. I loved Karou’s mentor and Akiva most. I guess it was kind of weird. Didn’t turn me off, though.

    What did you think of the first two in the Matched series? I’ve only read those and haven’t picked up Reached yet. I think the end of the second book didn’t leave me aching for the rest of the story. Thanks for sharing!

    • I think you may be right with the whole Percy/Beastly thing. The main characters are just kinda annoying! And yes the support group was cute…probably what I liked most about that book? Yeah I think so.
      I also agree with your thoughts on DoSaB…I loved her demon family/mentors a lot. I guess the twist just threw me for a loop.
      I really enjoyed the first two Matched books which is why I think I was soooo disappointed with book three. I just didn’t feel like it had the same oomph the others two had. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! :)

  6. I thought Beastly was a cool re-telling and the movie was cute, but you’re right, it’s not incredible or anything. I disliked Matched and hated Crossed so I think I’ll stay away from Reached, lol. Nice list!

  7. I’m reading My Fair Godmother right now… and I’m 3/4 of the way done and I’m like where’s the Godmother?? I thought this book was going to be more about her and she’s barely in it!! The Matched series seems to be on a lot of lists this week. I think the covers are really cool looking, but I know those books are not for me :(

    Thanks for stopping by My TTT

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