Waiting on Wednesday: Starglass


Waiting on Wednesday is an event I participate in weekly.  It is hosted by Breaking the Spine and allows us book bloggers to spotlight an upcoming title that is greatly anticipated!

Starglass by Pheobe North, is the title I’m excited about this week!

The generation ship Asherah coasts through space, bound for a planet its passengers have never even seen. On the eve of their Starglass by Pheobe Northarrival, sixteen-year-old botanist Terra discovers that her orderly society has fractured. Walking home one night through the long-abandoned engine rooms, she witnesses the murder of an innocent man. Now, called on by the Children of Abel, a group of rebels intent on destroying the High Council, Terra must prove her mettle–assassinate the ship’s rising captain. In order to carry out her task, Terra must betray her father, deceive her teacher, and challenge everything the Council has ever taught her was true. The rebels think that Terra has nothing left to lose. But when she falls for Silvan Rafferty, the boy that she’s meant to kill, Terra learns that “doing your duty” isn’t always as easy as it seems.

This summary sounds like Starglass could be a cool mix between sci-fi and dystopian, which I’m always in the mood for. I’m also intrigued by this romance between the hunter and the hunted!  Starglass is scheduled to be released on July 23, and it sounds like it has great potential!

I’m really liking this cover, although I’m disappointed the girl is wearing pants…I love covers with pretty gowns! haha I know this is a point of contention among readers and book bloggers, but I can’t help but love the covers with pretty dresses!

What upcoming titles are you waiting patiently for this week?

5 thoughts on “Waiting on Wednesday: Starglass

  1. Good observation about the pants, and it’s also unusual that we don’t see a front view of the model. I do like the color scheme too. Sci-fi dystopia is a good mix and I agree it sounds promising. Nice choice!

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