Waiting on Wednesday: The Moon and More

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Each week (pretty much) I participate in Breaking the Spine’s meme, Waiting on Wednesday. The goal of Waiting on Wednesday is to showcase some upcoming books that we’re particularly excited about. These are usually books that have not yet been released but are circling on our radars.

The Moon and More by Sarah DessenThis week I am focusing on Sarah Dessen’s upcoming novel, The Moon and More.

Emaline works at her family’s vacation rental company the summer before she leaves for college. She must confront her values, goals and choices as her relationship with city-boy Theo evolves and she’s forced to say goodbye to the beach town where she grew up.
Reading a new Sarah Dessen book is like a breath of fresh air or visiting a friend you haven’t seen in a while.  clichéd much?! I know, but are they clichés when they’re true?! Seriously I always anticipate a new Sarah Dessen novel because they’re just good reads.  They’re emotional, entertaining and romantic all at the same time. 
If you haven’t read any of Dessen’s previous books you really should. That way you’ll be prepared for The Moon and More when it is released in 2013. Are there any upcoming titles you’re excited about today?

7 thoughts on “Waiting on Wednesday: The Moon and More

  1. I love Sarah Dessen, but I’m behind on her books! I own Dreamland, This Lullaby, The Truth About Forever, & Just Listen. I haven’t read many of her newer books, but I did just buy Along For the Ride.

    Great pick. :]

    Stop by my wow!

    -Kait @ YA Vixens

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