Book Trailer of the Week: The Iron Fey series

Book Trailer of the WeekIt’s Friday!

And you know what that means! Book Trailer of the Week time! Every week I bring you a book trailer that I believe deserves a little attention.

Iron Fey series by Julie KagawaToday I’ll be showing off the book trailer for the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa.   I honestly can’t escape good the buzz for these books! They’re raved about on tons of book blogs, so I know I’m going to have to make these a priority!

Half human. Half faery. Fully endangered. Meghan Chase is about to come into her legacy.  The Faery realms have always weathered the clash of Summer and Winter fey, the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. Now a new breed of faery has emerged to challenge both—to their peril. Forged by Man’s insatiable pursuit of technological superiority, the terrifying Iron fey are massing…and the fate of all faeries hangs in the balance. The greatest weapon in this epic magical war? A half-human teenage girl.

Doesn’t it sound like a fun supernatural fantasy series?  Like I’ve said, I keep hearing great things about these books and the trailer makes me want to read them that much more!

7 thoughts on “Book Trailer of the Week: The Iron Fey series

  1. This is definitely a GREAT series. I had a little trouble with Meghan at first in The Iron King, but after a short while she really grew on me. There’s plenty of action and romance and all good things to keep you entertained. I haven’t read Winter’s Passage or Summer’s Crossing – you don’t really need to in order to understand the series. Also, there’s a new book to the series coming out soon! Hope you get to enjoy the series before it comes out! :)

  2. I absolutely loved this series. there are only a few series that I could read again, and this is one of them. I fell in love with the main characters. Ms. Kagawa lures you into the story and keeps you hanging on. Like other series where the first one is good but the ones after is not as good. Where it seems that the author is just dragging it out. Ok, so this is not one of those series. It truly keeps your interest peeked in each book. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Check out my blog on some other intersting reads as well.

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