Obsessive Behavior and Non Protests

Hello and a Happy Sunday to everyone!

As you can see,this is not a weekly In My Mailbox post. In My Mailbox is a weekly meme where book bloggers showcase and talk about the books they received during the past week and it is hosted by Kristi, The Story Siren. In light of recent news/events in the blogging community a lot of people have drawn a line in the sand and I‘d like to be incredibly clear as to my decision to no longer participate in In My Mailbox.

1. I was too obsessed. As a newish blogger I confess, I was mesmerized by the statistic graphs I saw when I participated in and linked up to a meme, specifically In My Mailbox. I was so obsessed with posting and linking up on Sunday morning, that it was my only focus as soon as I woke up. I even resulted to sneaking my cellphone during church and checking to see if The Story Siren’s post and linky was up. I admit to actually pretending to use the restroom in order to link up on time. Then once linked up, I would spend hours visiting other bloggers’ posts so they’d then return the favor and my stats would go up. I’ve realized that this is a bit on the obsessive side and I’m not proud of it. I needed to step away.

2. I am not protesting. Please understand, my decision is not a protest. This event just provided me with an opportunity to look at my own behavior and priorities. I do not condone plagiarism in any way. I cannot defend what The Story Siren did. However, I also do not condone bullying and people being overly mean. I do not defend their actions or words. My choice in ending my weekly participation in this meme is in no way me “picking a side”; it is purely personal. I am one hundred and ten percent fine with other bloggers who continue to participate in this meme. Likewise, I am also one hundred and ten percent fine with people who do choose not to follow The Story Siren. I’m all for bloggers (and people) making their own decisions based on their own personal convictions.

3. I’m not saying never. I may still post an In My Mailbox when I am particularly excited about a book or books I was gifted, bought or picked up from the library. But three weekly memes is just too much for me to handle and behave in a sane and reasonable manner! Those who can do it sanely – meme on! :)


Okay, that’s enough explanation. I need to go clean my house, read, spend time with my husband and then later work on some reviews.

10 thoughts on “Obsessive Behavior and Non Protests

    • Thanks for the kind words! I was just getting was to focused on it, especially when I want my Sunday morning to center on
      something else. :)BTdubs have I told you how much I move your cats ?! :)

  1. I love that you are seeing a ‘positive’ side to this. For the first time in weeks I’ve actually felt chilled out on a Sunday. I’m not checking every five minutes to see the post go up – I scheduled my own post, visited the blogs I enjoy and then gone on to do the things that I should be doing on a Sunday.

    Love your blog (there’s another positive, I’ve found some amazing new bloggers to follow!)

  2. Thanks for the warning about likely addiction…I too have a tendancy that way (already checking stats at work!). ATM, the IMM is useful to me to get all my current books/ebooks listed so I can make decisions about what to read next instead of just reading the next in the kindle. Listing my outstanding reviews will really focus me!

    I’m thinking that I may end up just IMM-ing once a month….if I can keep my downloading habit in check!

    Hope to see you around somewhere, some time! Happy reading :-)

  3. I’m glad that you recognized the obsessiveness and decided to do something about it! It’s sad that fun things can become too time-consuming and you have to stop, but if/when you do another IMM, you’ll feel more appreciative of the meme, I think.

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