Tuesday Top Ten: Most Requested Books by my 6th Graders

Another school year has begun and I’ve spent the last few days working on Media Center Orientation for the 6th Graders.  After we take a tour, go over the rules and policies, they get to check out books.  They’re so super excited to do this.  Seriously.  They all raise their arms and go, “YES!” when I tell them they’ll be checking out books.  So cute.

So here are the most requested fiction titles (over the past few days) by my 6th Graders.

1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid series  by Jeff Kinney:  Hilarious and always popular!

2. The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger: One of this year’s Sunshine State books

3. Scat by Carl Hiaasen: Another Sunshine State book

4. Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer:  Their elementary school probably didn’t carry this series.  So now that can get their hands on it, they’re going crazy!! Seriously, I have straightened that section of books like 5 times today only to walk by and see them scattered on the floor.

5. Magic Treehouse series by Mary Pope Osbourne: I’ve never read any of these as they’re mostly for elementary age readers, but the 6th graders like them

6. Killer Pizza by Greg Taylor:  One of my favorite Sunshine State books this year.

7. The 39 Clues series by various authors:  They LOVE this series.

8. A Child Called “It” by David Pelzer:  Something about exploring the pain of others leads to understanding who we are as humans.  I still don’t understand this one and I don’t even know if I’d let my own kids read this in 6th grade.  It is pretty intense. But these 6th graders (girls mostly) are so curious about this book.

9. Dark Life by Kat Falls: Popular Sunshine State book

10. Pemba’s Song, A Ghost Story by Tonya C. Hegamin and Marilyn Nelson:  I knew this ghost story (and Sunshine State book) would be popular with my kids!

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