So Spooky: Pemba’s Song, A Ghost Story by Marilyn Nelson & Tonya C Hegamin

Pemba is just your average teenage girl.

She misses her boyfriend and best friend.  She loves music and dancing.  She was deeply affected by the loss of her father. She doesn’t want to move to rural Connecticut and is mad at her mom for making her leave Brooklyn.

The second Pemba and her mother move into their kinda spooky colonial house, strange things start happening.  That very night Pemba has disturbing dreams and wakes up in the attic even though she fell asleep in her room.

Pemba knows she’s not crazy, but her headaches are getting worse and she keeps seeing an apparition in the mirror who is sending her visions.  Pemba befriends an old man, Abraham, who begins to help Pemba understand the history of her town and even her own house.

Soon, Pemba realizes that Phyllis, an 18th century slave girl, is trying to reach out to her from beyond.  Phyllis has a story to tell and she knows Pemba is the only one who can help her. Is she gifted enough to help Phyllis? But how will Pemba be able to solve a mystery that is hundreds of years old?

The story itself is intertwined with Pemba’s journal entries and poems.  Each one provides the reader with insight into Pemba’s heart and emotions.  I really felt like Pemba was a believable and realistic character and I enjoyed getting to know her in this unique way.

Also, this book is pretty spooky at times.  To be honest, I finished this one at night after my husband was already asleep and I was creeping myself out at any noise I heard!

I’m pretty positive that my students are going to love this one.

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