Book Trailer of the Week: The 39 Clues

If you haven’t heard of The 39 Clues then you haven’t been to a book store in a few years.

They’ve been out for a while, but their wildly popular among Middle Grades readers.  Usually, books labeled Middle Grades are intended for 5th through 8th grade or so.  So, the younger set of Young Adult fiction.  Middle Grades fiction is usually a little less “edgy” than plain old Young Adult fiction.

Okay, back to The 39 Clues.  Think National Treasure with kids as the main characters.  Dan and Amy Cahill are part of a majorly powerful and historic family.  When the matriarch dies the two teens are thrown into a world-wide hunt for the clues that promise a large inheritance. So far there are eleven books in the series, all written by different adult and young adult authors.  I’ve read Book One, The Maze of Bones and really enjoyed it.

Check out this week’s book trailer for The 39 Clues series.