A Pretty Good Read: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Imagine you have been told you were ugly every day of your life.

For fifteen year old Tally, that’s life; the life of an Ugly.  Forced to leave her parents, live in a dorm full of other Uglies, and forced to dream about life as a Pretty.

The Pretty life isn’t far from Tally’s grasp though, since she turns sixteen in a few months.  In Tally’s world your sixteenth birthday means extreme full-body cosmetic surgery that turns an Ugly into a Pretty.  As a Pretty, life consists of moving into New Pretty Town, having whatever you want and partying whenever you want. Tally can’t wait.

As Tally’s birthday draws closer, however, she meets a new friend and is confronted with intense decisions that may mean loosing her dream of becoming a Pretty.

Basically, Uglies is a must read for science fiction loving readers; its full of space age toys such as hover boards and interface rings mixed up with hot topics like the environment, politics and privacy.  But even if you’re not that into Sci-Fi or hot topics, you’ll still find Uglies an enticing, exciting, and quick read.  I’d recommend it for ages 13 and up simply because anyone younger might not grasp the concepts presenting in this book.

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